Operative leasing

Operative leasing means rent a car for 1-4 years. We offer a choice of vehicle from our offer, or purchasing a new car according to your requirements (Supplies and Equipment). For each client we will prepare an individual financial plan.


  • service inspections
  • seasonal tires
  • handling of insurance claims
  • completion of operational liquids except fuel
  • Engineway stamp valid for Slovakia
  • car compulsory insurance
  • car accident insurance
  • statutory taxes and fees


  • provision of substitute vehicle
  • cargo insurance
  • For these services you pay a fixed monthly rent, the same throughout the duration of the contract.


  • 0% payment on account – minimal initial cost of vehicle
  • 100% of car care
  • The exact cost – through the transfer of risk to us
  • Any payment in full is reflected in the cost
  • VAT deduction – costs can be reduced through tax deduction

With comprehensive services, operative lease to your company can provide external fleet funding and management. Make a contract for a pre-agreed period during which your company pays only a fixed monthly payment.

This solution gives you great flexibility and maximum safety. It is a simple item of your accounting and is the best way for effective budgeting costs of your entire corporate fleet.

For more information, call tel. No. +421 905 537157 or write fafuliak@gmail.com.